Coffee Time :)

“A best friend is like a four leaf clover. Hard to find, and lucky to have”—Sarah Jessica Parker


In the last day of my last holiday, I came to my “partner in crime”—Dila’s office. I don’t mean to in the first time, but since I’ve been in my hometown last holiday for about 3 months and I’ve never hang out anywhere, I thought why I didn’t visit her before I get back to Makassar.

The idea came out just like whuzzz, and there I was, shout her name loudly in front her office at 11 am. She shoot out her head over the window, and,  “OMG, Neno, what are you doing there ?”. Oh, perfect reaction just like I expected 😛 😀

Later, we stood at the parking lot, talking random and trivia things, pinching each other, and laugh of course 😀 . Dila said that she didn’t know that I’ve been in Sorong for that long time. She thought I’ve return to Makassar for months ago, so Continue reading


[ 18 ] things you can do with US$5

I’ve got a video post from WWFIndonesia LINE account. This video campaigning save coral triangle. You can view the video on youtube. I make the screenshot too, as you can see below. Check it out 🙂

What can you do with US$5?


#1—you get a cup of coffee


OR—save 75% of the world’s coral species


#2—you can pay your daily parking fee


OR—save the home of 6 of the world’s 7 species of marine turtles


#3—maybe you get a haircut


OR—feed 120 million people


~ Think again ~


Your contribution will go along with world saving the coral triangle…


…and the millions who depend on it, including you.


Further information, visit: now.


For you who lives in Indonesia, WWFIndonesia offer easier way to contribute by donate Rp5.000,- via SMS.

Send donation SMS with text: WWF5<space>LAUT#NAME to 9600.
This SMS only provide by Telkomsel, Indosat, and XL.

Or, you can get further information by follow @WWF_ID and

So, lets take a part in saving our coral triangle 😉


[ 4 ] something ’bout Grow Up

have you ever felt don’t wanna grow up anymore? or have you ever fear to face the adult world? I did. And it still come out even now, in my early 20th. I don’t know why, it just like my mind don’t match with my age. I still do something fool, still dreaming anime, still acting like a child. Once, i thought  I’m the one that ever felt such thing, but coinsidently, I found this song. Heard that and read what the lyric tell about, I guess that maybe Continue reading

yeayyy…i did it \(^o^)/


Finally, i found the way how to change my domain. As what I post earlier, I didn’t like my first domain name at all. After gugling for about 5 minutes, and edited it for about 7 minutes, I finally get this name [ragelycious] for my domain 🙂
I like it. It so me 😀
And, yeah, I know my English so bad, but as they say “practice makes perfect”.
So, whatever how hard to posting something in english, or how much effort that I must put in, I will trying to consistent write #hello in english 😀

ganbatte kudasai ^^9