Coffee Time :)

“A best friend is like a four leaf clover. Hard to find, and lucky to have”—Sarah Jessica Parker


In the last day of my last holiday, I came to my “partner in crime”—Dila’s office. I don’t mean to in the first time, but since I’ve been in my hometown last holiday for about 3 months and I’ve never hang out anywhere, I thought why I didn’t visit her before I get back to Makassar.

The idea came out just like whuzzz, and there I was, shout her name loudly in front her office at 11 am. She shoot out her head over the window, and,  “OMG, Neno, what are you doing there ?”. Oh, perfect reaction just like I expected 😛 😀

Later, we stood at the parking lot, talking random and trivia things, pinching each other, and laugh of course 😀 . Dila said that she didn’t know that I’ve been in Sorong for that long time. She thought I’ve return to Makassar for months ago, so Continue reading