[ 4 ] something ’bout Grow Up

have you ever felt don’t wanna grow up anymore? or have you ever fear to face the adult world? I did. And it still come out even now, in my early 20th. I don’t know why, it just like my mind don’t match with my age. I still do something fool, still dreaming anime, still acting like a child. Once, i thought  I’m the one that ever felt such thing, but coinsidently, I found this song. Heard that and read what the lyric tell about, I guess that maybe Continue reading


[ 3 ] something ’bout FAILED

I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.

― Bill Gates

I already late to finish my college while some of my friend passed it fast.
I’ve got some regret and blame myself, and I found this quote.
I think this quote simply tell you Continue reading

[ 2 ] when I become a dumbass


Okeh, hari ini tanggal 30, artinya harusnya postingan ini merupakan postingan keempat. Tapi, yah apa boleh buat, karena ternyata kuota internet saya habis sebelum tanggalnya, dan yang tersisa hanya kuota mbak kunti malam, saya kesulitan memposting setiap tulisan saya. Tahulah, susah bangun pagi soalnya. Karena ini tantangan yang saya buat sendiri, saya akan malu sekali jika saya melanggarnya. Jadi,hari ini akan jadi hari edisi spesial posting berantai mengejar Continue reading